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And my wife is upset that Jonathan Schwartz has been pushed off the Sinatra beat (though, apparently, not entirely).

I’m a little leery of the Sirius takeover, if only because - in my admittedly limited experience - the playlists seem narrower, the sound a little slicker. We’ll revisit the topic Thursday with some of the best responses.

Also available is news (NPR, BBC, etc.), sports (ESPN, NFL Radio, etc.), weather and traffic.

Traffic is only available for limited major metro areas and unfortunately Sacramento is not included.

I placed the tuner right in the middle of my place so the signal reaches my bedroom and kitchen radios. Easy to do, just enter the tuner's serial number, your user and credit card info (you set up an account), choose the subscription plan you want and that's pretty much it.

Upon initial power-up the tuner updates all of the channels and tunes to an introductory sample program that prompts you to activate your account. Once you submit this info the tuner is "activated." I received a message on the tuner confirming activation within about 10 seconds of submitting my info online.: Sirius Starmate Replay (9.99, but .99 after the rebate.). It can be used both at home (with separate kit) and in a vehicle.

Walking to Circuit City I came across Setup of the tuner and home kit was straightforward, but antenna placement can be a problem. I've found a decent spot inside that has a fairly consistent signal, but it does occasionally fade out.

Up to 30 presets are available, and you can have the tuner notify you when a particular sports team or song is playing.The remote is so small it needs a flat lithium-type battery. Prepaying larger intervals allows discounts, starting with an annual prepay giving you 12 months of service for the price of 11.Battery life is unknown, but one is included in the package.: I currently pay .85 quarterly. is entertaining, but it is repeated throughout the broadcast day, so right now there's not much reason to keep it on channel 100.First stop was Best Buy and sure enough, they had the tuner but not the home kit.I bought something else at Best Buy (to be written about in a later post) and decided to wait on the tuner to see if Circuit City might have both items in-store. The antenna is all-weather so it can be mounted outside, but routing a cable through a window and attaching it to the structure of my apartment just aren't worth the extra hassle.

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