Dating a sikh man

Posted by / 18-Aug-2018 07:41

The feeling there is an expiry date really gets in the way.

He is my partner and my best friend of three years.

It’s your duty to be faithful to yourself regardless of the cruel disdain the people around you may feel.

It’s depressing and we’re sorry, but it’s just the way it is.

In this way, you’re not much different from other young Punjabis who lead double lives and are daily torn between their true and pseudo selves.You should only be around folks who make you feel good about yourself.Once you have a strong base of people who know, ask them to keep an eye out for other gay Sikhs.I love him and care about him too much to think about not having him in my life.You basically gave yourself an answer in your last sentences.

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If this is the case for hetrosexuals, then one can just imagine how difficult it must be to date as a homosexual in an already community. I’m not saying announce it at the Gurdwara, but people who love the true you should know.

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